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What is Performance Pro?

What is Performance Pro
Solutions to Business Trends

Solutions for Today's Business Trends...

Business trends that corporate leaders are implementing in today’s workforce

What the experts say:

Here's how Performance Pro helps...

  • User friendly application

  • We build your process into our application

  • Highly configurable/highly customizable 

  • Consultative implementation - we do all the heavy lifting for you

  • Training of administrators, managers, and employees included in the implementation process

  • Consultant included with implementation to provide guidance on industry trends and best practices so that you have a process that best suits the specific needs of your organization

  • Performance Pro has more pre-built customizable content than any other application on the market


Performance Pro Features and Functionalities


Building Learning into your Employee Workflow

With Performance Pro L&D and performance management go hand in hand.  Incorporate learning into any performance process from development plans, onboarding/new hire evaluations, 90 day reviews to performance improvement plans. Seamlessly integrate learning and development with performance and goals and track the development of your most valuable assets.  

Features & Functionalities
Integration Stories

Integration Stories

  • Clicking the hire button automatically assigns processes from new hire evaluations, performance evaluations, and more when you make a hire.

  • Employee data automatically passes to performance with the resume at the point of hire. 

  • Assign an employee to your culture of feedback evaluation and training just by clicking the hire button.


What Our Clients Say When Asked

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

Performance Pro has allowed us to move away from a manual performance appraisal process to an automated system that encourages managers to keep performance notes, including goals, all in one place. The system is highly customizable allowing us to make adjustments that align with our language and processes. We are on our way to making performance management easier for our managers and ensuring that our employees have consistent and ongoing feedback.

Mikio A, VP HR
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